Young kids show an enthusiasm for learning Karate. Foundation classes are suited for 4 years old to approximately 7 years old. 
Gradings are offered as 'red stripes' on the white belt. Each of the 3 red stripes are earned by: regular attendance, and gradings where students show mastery of age appropriate karate techniques. After a student has earned their 3rd stripe, they can progress on to train for their yellow belt.

When a new student walks into the Dojo they often have preconceptions of what Karate
is and how it is practiced. Young children in particular have vivid imaginations and
it’s common to see your child kicking legs and chopping hands whilst
blurting out an almighty… AaeeeeYaa!
Whilst this may be how Karate is practiced, before a student may do all this with freedom,
They must first learn something about the art of which they are about to undertake.
Right from the very first lesson, the student will begin to understand that learning only happens
After self-control is exercised. Karate will demand a great deal of self-control, & they will come to understand
that it comes to them only by way of exerting a lot of mental, physical and emotional energy.
However, before coming to this understanding, the new students (with boundless energy for
bouncing around demonstrating their joyous childhood), may find this challenge by far one of the greatest
they have ever faced. But once the student has learnt how to exercise their self-control, and come to trust
in their own learning ability that’s when their learning really takes off!
So the Foundation Class is structured to create this pathway for successful learning.
With careful balancing of activities to enable free play with activities that require self-control, and minimising the
Content of tasks, enabling repetition to be effective, and allowing Trainers to create good habits (not bad ones).
The Foundation Class pathway is a mix of fun, safety and formality with clear objectives;
  • Teaching the basics of Karate
  • Developing fitness
  • Developing a positive self esteem
  • Discovering other learning barriers
  • Teaching the etiquette of the Dojo
  • Developing the students learning confidence
  • Developing the ability to take instruction
  • Developing concentration
  • Developing Self-control
Once the student has meet an acceptable level of the above goals they are then ready to progress into the Coloured Belt Class, where they will then begin training for their Yellow Belt!
It is a rather large step from beginning your very first Karate class thru to proudly wrapping a Yellow belt around your waist. Key to the success of the students learning are healthly doses of; positive self esteem, self control and resilience. All Foundation Class learning and learning activities are directed toward growing these characteristics. Recognition of learning is by way of gaining “red stripes” – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Stripes. Most students are “Graded” after attending 10 training sessions (5 weeks), some may require more.
After a successful 3rd stripe grading the student is asked to join the junior Coloured Belt class where they will commence
training for Yellow belt.

Foundation classes are offered at all of our Dojos.